Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Research: Desire for Product vs Non-indulgence

When Will You Use This?  

Developing tactics in order to maximize customer behavior.

What’s The Red-Letter Bite Today? 

We all have gone through this while studying or simply being on a diet. Gathering strong determination, setting goals and exercising strong self-control. But temptations are never too far..

Current studies* investigated the possibility that individuals may distort memories of past behavior in order to allow for indulgence in the present. In authors words, "people may trick themselves into thinking something like, ‘I’ve been good on my diet lately, so I can have this piece of cake."

Results revealed that people who distort past memories of their indulgences are more likely to indulge in the future. Across four studies involving eating, spending, and studying, the authors found that people distort their memories of past indulgences when faced with an opportunity to indulge. This, in turn, leads to greater levels of indulgence.

'I deserve this piece. I've been following a strict diet for past two days!'

Addition To Your Bag of Tricks    

As authors suggest, "this information can help banks, health clubs, and companies looking to maximize customer behavior and the choices people make on a day-to-day basis. For example, gym managers might send out emails reminding people how long it has been since their last workout—encouraging impulsive people to come in to exercise and ultimately increase their satisfaction with their gym membership. "

*May F., Irmak C. “Licensing Indulgence in the Present by Distorting Memories of Past Behavior.” Journal of Consumer Research: October 2014 {Thanks for the material}

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