Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday Research: Make It Rain - The Bliss of Coupons

You thought:   

Consumers only crave coupons for the thrill of knowing that they discovered a good deal. But is that it? Check some fresh insight into consumers' psychology below.

New facts:  

As per just produced research, people who received a coupon had a 14% increase in oxytocin, an 8% decrease in the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin, a 4% decrease in heart rate, a 27% decrease in respiration, a 4% decrease in skin conductance levels, and a 90% increase in high-frequency heart rate variability. These factors showed almost no change for those who did not receive a coupon.

Mamamia! There is a real, measurable change in people‘s bodies and mental state from using coupons. Better mood. Happy high. Sweet relaxation. Do you know that oxytocin (which increased by 14% in coupon-holders blood) is also known as the love hormone and it profusely floods the systems of new lovers during the first six months? 

What Marketing Doctor ordered:

Short and simple - coupons is cheap, easy and nontoxic high for your customers so.. keep them coming, folks!

Source: Veronika, A., Tripp, S., & Paul J. Zak, P. J. Preliminary evidence for the neurophysiologic effects of online coupons: Changes in oxytocin, stress, and mood. Psychology of Marketing, 32, 2015.

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