Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday in India: Wake Up in The Morning and Smell This

Hold your breath and count to ten, as this sky-high striving ad falls (flat?) in front of your eyes..

Nivea Men has rolled out a video ad (conceptualised by DigitasLBi) which deals with Indian consumers’ attitude towards body odor (which often sounds something like ‘That's not my problem if you can smell me’).

Doesn't this ad itself have an odor?

Everything is just a bit loose and hyped up.

Much more memorable message was rolled out by Nivea in the begging of 2016, in exactly same 1 minute and 11 seconds. Watch.

P.S. When you’re done reading and watching, I’d love for you to share your favourite campaign this year? Leave a comment or Tweet me, let's chat!

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