Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday Research: Make The Most Of Your Customer's Touch

When Will You Use This?  

Developing your online and offline marketing and sales strategies for tablets, touchscreens and touchpads.

What’s The Red-Letter Bite Today? 

The role of touch is increasing: touchpad laptops and touchscreen tablets continue to spread among consumers. Earlier it has been observed that touching something creates a perception of psychological ownership and ownership creates a perception of increased value (it’s called endowment effect).

Current research* aims to explore the effects of varying touch-based interfaces on consumers. The study reveals that touchscreens create stronger psychological ownership over chosen products in online shopping scenarios (when compared to touchpads or mice).

Researchers highlight that touch-based devices like tablets can lead to higher product valuations when compared to traditional computers.

Welcome to The New World: Touchscreen Wending Machine

Addition To Your Bag of Tricks    


Touch-based interfaces are not newbies in the market: restaurants are testing tablets as ordering systems, tablets are becoming common in product showrooms. As this research notes, consumer interactions on tablets are quite different from the interactions on a traditional computer and you might want to include it into your marketing too:

 - Create special interactive space in your store or venue and allow customers to use their own personal touchscreen devices to connect with your brand, to browse the products, to get some special momentary offers

 - High resolution photos, bright colours, product from different angles, presentation videos, etc – use vivid stimulus to enhance your customers experience with their touchscreen devices.

*Brasel, S.A. & Gips, J., Tablets, Touchscreens, and Touchpads: How Varying Touch Interfaces Trigger Psychological Ownership and Endowment, Journal of Consumer Psychology: April (2014) {Thanks for the material}

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