Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday in India: I Love the #4amFriends. It's So Bad.

I always get great shakes about well-executed prank videos.

It's a powerful way to attract people's attention and even go viral.

But some pranks are meant to go sour. Especially, when it's evident that they lack inventiveness, presentation and.. well, are simply staged (aka Fake pranks).

Recently Airtel in India created a prank video to promote their night packages. And it felt like all sizzle and no steak for me.

It's more than obvious that the whole concept is copied from the wonderful Carslberg's friendship test prank. And then towards the end some paranormal experiences are thrown in, perhaps an inspiration from publicity stunt for the remake of "Carrie" (remember Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise?).

Watch and decide for yourself.


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