Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday in India: What You See is NOT What You Get

In her cheerful online tutorials Reshma teaches us "how to get perfect red lips" and "how to get rid off dark spots naturally" and "how to apply eyeliner".

Typical beauty How-To videos.


In this relevant campaign launched by Ogilvy Mumbai, along with Make Love Not Scars, a superficial topic, such as makeup, is used to address a hard hitting issue - acid attacks.

Watch till the end.

P.S. In 2014 349 people in India, mostly women, had acid (which is easily available and very cheap) thrown on them in deliberate assaults. The number is three times higher than in 2013. I have no doubts that the actual number of attacks is higher because many people are afraid to come out. While living in India I met two women injured by acid attacks executed by potential boyfriends who felt rejected. Both women felt depressed and worthless. They had dreams before the attack and now they didn't plan any future.

P.P.S. When you’re done reading and watching, I’d love for you to share your favourite campaign this year? Leave a comment or Tweet me, let's chat!

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