Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tuesday in India: Bring Flower People And Their Beetle!

I remember seeing an interesting story on BBC about Beetle car.

Beetle is not only the best-selling car in the world, there is also another jaw-dropping fact: this car was developed from an idea of Adolf Hitler’s. He thought that all people, not only elite, should be able to own a car and it needed a smart, economic design. Hitler even made a sketch of this soon-to-be an iconic, one of the most likable cars in the world.

Well, life is too ironic to fully understand..

Soon Beetle has been sold to the United States with an awesome ‘Think Small’ advertising campaign.

Moving to another side of the globe, they are trying to sell Beetle to Indians with "Think Fun. Think New".

And I don't feel it so deeply.

Do we really think Indians feel the same about the Love Bug, Beatles, college kids and free lovin’ hippies as we do? Surely, a rapping narration brings attention but I don't know if Indians are touched by nostalgia for something they never really experienced. 

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